Programming Model the programming model (aka DSL) is fairly stable and complete. There might be some non breaking changes that will be made over the coming weeks, but all the elements of the language are in place. We also plan to develop a JavaScript syntax over the summer to more closely integrate orchestration into traditional programming models.


Chorus’ Architecture is as simple as it can be:

  • a simple Eclipse-based SDK
  • A code generator that generates API orchestrations as a simple Node.js/MongoDB module


Required components
Components Version Download
Node.js v0.10.28 download
Meteor v0.8.1.3 download
Meteorite download
MongoDB v2.6.1 download

We have successfully run chorus.js on ALARMPI (Arch) with 184Mb of RAM.

Required Node.js modules
Modules Version Link
express.js v4x more…
mongojs v0.13.0 more…


Required components
Components Version Download
Eclipse Xtext v2.6.1 download


Chorus.js is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license

Where does Chorus.js runs?

We have tested chorus.js on:
Hardware OS Version
Mac Mac OS X 10.9.3
Raspberry Pi ALARMPI (Arch) 3.12.20-4-ARCH
DigitalOcean Ubuntu x86_64 12.04.3 LTS

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