Project Log


The purpose of this log is to help follow the progress made on the project. It is generally updated weekly.

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coming next Continue building the orchestration capability
and the BPEL generation
Finalize support for contracts and contract versioning
Deploy a cord in IBM's Bluemix
04/19/2015  Developed a STAR-based Component Model aligned with the TLA+ semantics
08/30/2014 Created a docker container for Sample1
07/21/2014 Created a sample orchestration for Raspberry Pi
added the concept of a (node) module to a service implementation
07/06/2014 Great progress on the concept of Common Information Model with WSDL and Swagger
Started generating some BPEL
Message definitions are no longer using -> but : for type assignments
we recommend you upgrade your Xtext plugin to 2.6.2
06/29/2014 Finalized the support for Sequence and Assign
- added support for property level assignments
- added constant assignments
Updated Serialization of the orchestration context to activity names
Cleaned up support for Swagger and WSDL
06/21/2014 Added Meteor based admin console and cleaned up standard (node.js) admin console
A new version of Xtext has been released
we recommend you upgrade your Xtext plugin to 2.6.1
06/08/2014 Added support for swagger
Added the Services section in the developer's guide

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